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Site Record Set at Port Elgin Pumpkinfest Bruce Power Weigh Off!

October 4, 2020


Site Record Set at Port Elgin Pumpkinfest Bruce Power Weigh Off

Port Elgin, ON:  The results are confirmed and the winners of the biggest pumpkin are: Phil & Jane Hunt and Chris Lyons. Each champion growers themselves, Chris, Phil and Jane joined forces to try to break the 2,000 lb mark in Canada.  Although their pumpkin didn’t quite make the goal it broke a site record for Port Elgin Pumpkinfest at 1,939.5 lbs! 41 growers arrived on a damp day to have their giant veggies inspected and measured.  Over $12,500 in prizes were awarded including $3,000 for the largest pumpkin. 

“After an unusual year we had a different kind of weigh off,” says co-winner Chris Lyons,” but we really appreciate that Pumpkinfest went forward with the weigh off portion of their festival, and hope the street festival and public can return next year.” 

“We want to thank all volunteers for putting together a great show for us during this pandemic. We watched the entire show on our iPad & were impressed by the whole thing. A huge thanks to Pumpkinfest from all of us growers,” say Jane & Phil Hunt

Congrats to John Mataea from Breslaw with his 2nd place 1,897 lb pumpkin, weighing in with his personal best.

Todd Kline from Shawville Quebec brought the largest Squash, weighing in at 1,288 lbs.  

Another site record for the largest Bushel Gourd was set by Joseph Giffen at 249.5 pounds!

Heaviest watermelon was brought in by Mark Pollock of Kincardine at 124.5 lbs

The Fred Wuerth Tri County prize was awarded to Bob & Elaine MacKenzie of Tiverton who entered a 1,812.5 lb pumpkin – their personal best!  They also won biggest Cabbage with a 46.5 lb giant.  This prize is named in honour of Mayor Fred Wuerth, who, with Doug Court started Pumpkinfest in 1986.  Fred was the first winner with a 200+lb pumpkin.  Doug Court is still involved with the festival and he and his family entered a number of specimens with him taking home 2nd place for his 112.5 lb field pumpkin and 2nd place for a 6.68 lb tomato.  3rd place with a 199 lb bushel gourd 3rd place with a 73.12 lb marrow.

For the full results visit www.pumpkinfest.org.

President Dave Mensher states “We would like to send thanks to the Board for all the work they did leading up to and during this event.  to the volunteers who are there for us – rain or shine – pandemic or not…  to the Growers for continuing to support Port Elgin Pumpkinfest to the Town council and staff for all their help and consideration. And to our fans who watched and enjoyed.  To Dave Middleton and Robin Woods for hosting the event so smoothly.  Thanks to CTRE for pulling it all together into a professional production.”

“The health and safety of our volunteers and growers was paramount in our planning, and it was wonderful to see everyone following distancing rules and protocols,” says Coordinator Joanne Robbins, “the growers waited calmly and patiently in their vehicles until it was their turn to unload.  The internet provided by Bruce Telecom allowed them to watch the show on their devices while in the line-up, but for anyone that missed the show you can watch the virtual production on youtube.  The positive response has been overwhelming.”

To see the event please visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyMYVy5j12w


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