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Non-Profit Groups

Planning for Port Elgin Pumpkinfest 2023 is well underway and we are excited to present you with the opportunity to participate in this year's festival. Below is the application form for you to fill in and submit your request to become one of Port Elgin Pumpkinfest's sanctioned non-profit groups. Deadline is June 25th, 2023 for applications.

In the past Pumpkinfest was able to help over 40 local non-profit groups raise just under $40,000 through their fundraising endeavors. As our festival grows it becomes apparent that our needs are changing and we hope some new groups may want to consider joining our team. Groups which have been involved in the past will be offered their existing contracts, with the first right of refusal. After June 25th, 2023 deadline, we will assess our non-profit group requirements and begin contacting interested new groups. 

We look forward to continuing and/or establishing great partnerships with our local non-profit groups. Together we will, once again, stage an award winning festival the world knows about. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Pumpkinfest Headquarters. 

One of the goals of Port Elgin Pumpkinfest is to give our local non-profit groups a venue where they can all fundraise for their endeavors. Port Elgin Pumpkinfest facilitates this in a few different ways:

  1. Contracts - the festival has various paid contracts available such as admission gates, parking and garbage clean up. Groups sign up to fulfill these jobs.
    • A. Fundraising Booth or activities - groups that have an item they wish to sell or an attraction they wish to run join the festival as one of our 15% groups. These groups return 15% of their net profit to the festival in exchange for marketing and promotion. In previous years these group collectively raised just under $35,000. 
    • B. Non-Profit groups that wish to attend offering a free interactive activity for visitors to the festival may be subject to having the 15% return waived. This must be arranged with Pumpkinfest before the event date.

     3. Information Booths - groups that only wish to place an information booth are welcome into the festival as sppace permits.

Non-profit Group involvement is very important to the overall success of Port Elgin Pumpkinfest and is a perfect example of how this festival is truly a community run endeavor.

Non-Profit Group Wristband Policy

  • Groups completing a Port Elgin Pumpkinfest work contract inside the gated area of the village will be given passes for their volunteers (quantities will be determined depending on contract)
  • Groups working at fundraising booths are not given free admission but the group can buy the passes and distribute these to their membership and then discount this amount from their opening costs when submitting their 15% support to the festival

  • Groups doing a fee for service contract outside the village area are not required to go through the gated area and therefore are not given free passes 

General Information

Parking: Parking will not be available on site, please direct volunteers to utilize shuttle buses. If equipment needs to be dropped off, arrangements must be made in advance by contacting Pumpkinfest staff at 519-389-3714

First Aid: St. John's Ambulance provides First Aid services throughout Pumpkinfest weekend. Located on site downtown by CIBC

Contract Payment: Groups performing a fee for service contract will receive payment by October 31, 2023. If you have changed the contact information for your group please contact Pumpkinfest Headquarters at 519-389-3714.

Full list of Contracts for 2023 are forthcoming.  

2019 Contract Opportunities

Non-Profit Group Application Form