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  • Pumpkinfest.org Gets a Facelift
    May 14, 2013 | 3 comments

    If you didn't notice, the Pumpkinfest website has a new look. Our old site was fine for many years, but sometimes you just need a change. Add to that the fact that internet standards and the way a website is coded has changed, and to keep up with Google and the latest web browsers, we decided it was time to come into the 21st century.

    Plus, we have been active on social media like Facebook and Twitter for awhile but have not really ever integrated that with our website. It was time to do that as well so now you can like us right from any page on the site and catch up with our latest tweets just by looking at the sidebar on the right.

    Every website out there is a work in progress, so look for new features, changes and additions in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, check out the site, enjoy it and if you find something that seems off, let us know.

    Thanks for the years of support,.