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Who will take home the Silver Seed Award in 2022?

Join us for our opening ceremonies featuring the Chantry  Singers of Saugeen Shores at 10am on Saturday October 1 at the Bruce Power Weigh Off Stage.  Followed by the  CELEBRITY SEED EVENT where we challenge our VIP's to a new fun seed event! 

The world has changed and spitting seeds is no longer acceptable BUT we do have a VIP seed event up our sleeves!  Join us for the fun!

2018 Event:

Alan Barfoot has won the Celebrity Seed Spitting Contest this year for the 4th year, Breaking the Pumpkinfest Record by 1'1" held previously by Bill Walker from 2016 of 30'2".


  1. Mayor Alan Barfoot, Georgian Bluffs 31'3"
  2. Jordan MacKinnon, Blackburn Radio 30'11"
  3. Saugeen Shores Councilor Dave Myette 30'
  4. Kristan Shrider, Candidate for Saugeen Shores Council 27'6"
  5. Jason Boyer, 7 Acres, 24'1"
  6. Saugeen Shores Mayor Mike Smith 22'11"
  7. Huron Bruce MP, Ben Lobb 22'2"
  8. Brad Scot, Pumpkinfest Chair 22'1"
  9. Saugeen Shores Deputy Mayor, Luke Charbonneau 21'11
  10. Jim Stark, Candidate for Saugeen Shores Council 21'3"
  11. Travis Jackson, 98 the Beach Morning Show CoHost, 19'8"
  12. Owen Sound Grey Bruce MPP, Bill Walker 19'3"
  13. Patrick Jilsen, Candidate for Saugeen Shores Council and Director of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture 18'7"


2017 Event:

Gieruszak may have a little more launching air available since he has competed in five Iron Man competitions. He spit his seed to the 29-ft 5-in mark.

Owen Sound Mayor Ian Boddy was spitting right at the winner’s heels with a 28-ft effort. Remarkably 11 participants spit over 20 feet, except for Saugeen Shores Mayor Mike Smith who drew gasps and laughter from the crowd when he dribbled his seed some 10-ft 2-in.

The event was sponsored by 7Acres.

The spitters and the marks they hit iare listed below:

Al Barfoot Mayor of Georgian Bluffs and Grey County Warden: 27-ft 11-in.
Gord Dougan MYFM: – 26-ft 10-in
Ian Boddy: Mayor of Owen Sound – 28-ft
Dave Myette Saugeen Shores Councillor: - 22-ft 10-in
David Inglis Mayor of Brockton: - 23-ft 3-in
Dan Gieruszak Deputy Mayor of Brockton: - 29-ft 5-in
Brian Longmire 98 the Beach: - 22-ft 2-in
Luke Charbonneau Deputy Mayor of Saugeen Shores: - 21-ft 2-in
Jordan MacKinnon CKNX: - 23-ft
John Peevers Bruce Power: - 20-ft 3-in
Mike Smith Mayor of Saugeen Shores: - 10-ft 2-in
Brad Scott Chair of Pumpkinfest: - 25-ft 4-in


2016 Celebrity Seed Spitting Results!

Keeping his claim on fame Bill Walker was our reigning champion yet again in 2016- I wonder what 2017 has in store.

1st Place

Bill Walker- Bruce- Grey - Owen Sound MPP

30ft 2"

2015 Celebrity Seed Spitting Results!

1st Place

Bill Walker - Bruce - Grey - Owen Sound MPP

29ft 6"

2014 Celebrity Seed Spitting Results!

1st Place

Taun Frosst - Councillor Saugeen Shores

28ft 11"


2013 Celebrity Seed Spitting Results!

Alan Barfoot - Mayor-Township of Georgian Bluffs

26ft 8"

Dave Inglis - Warden - Municipality of Brockton

20ft 9"

Craig Picton - 101.7 The One

20ft 1"

Ian Solecki - 98 The Beach


Jordan MacKinnon - CKNX

19ft 10"

Bill Walker - MPP Bruce Grey

18ft 2"

John Kirkham - Saugeen Shores Chamber President

17ft 4"

Duncan McKinlay - Warden - County of Grey

16ft 11"

Cathy Sprague - Bruce Power

16ft 11"

Luke Charboneau - Deputy Mayor of Saugeen Shores

16ft 8"

Mike Smith - Mayor of Saugeen Shores

15ft 4"

Taun Frosst - Saugeen Shores Councillor


Nina McMeekin - Pumpkinfest Chair

13ft 2"

Laurissa Christie - Queen of the Furrow


It's not considered impolite to spit in public at the Celebrity Seed Spitting Contest!! This is where it all happens. Come and see your local celebrities and politicians compete in a friendly seed spitting match on October 5th, 2013!

2012 Celebrity Seed Spitting Results!

Alan Barfoot- Mayor-Township of Georgian Bluffs


Taun Frosst-Councillor Saugeen Shores

21 ft

Ian Solecki- 98 the Beach

20ft 9in

Brian Hilbers- Bruce Power

18ft 10in

John Kirkam- Saugeen Shores Chamber of Commerce President

16ft 6in

Luke Charbonneau-Deputy Mayor Saugeen Shores

15ft 6in

Duncan McKinlay- Warden-County of Grey

15ft 6in

Ted Easton- 94.5 the Bull


Lisa Thompson- Huron Bruce MPP


Sarah Jolliffe- Bruce Telecom

12ft 7in

Nina McMeekin- Pumpkinfest Chair

12ft 7in

Nick Sawiki- 101.7 the One

7ft 11in

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