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Weighoff Results

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Saturday Weighoff results for 2018

CategoryNameCity, Prov/StateResult
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1.Bryson, Jim & KelseyOrmstown, QC1871.5 lbs.
2.Matesa, JohnBreslau, ON1855 lbs.
3.Kline, ToddShawville, QC1766.5 lbs.
4.Hain, FredLondon, ON1734 lbs.
5.Butler-Johnston, John & ArtSt Thomas, ON1588.5 lbs.
6.Clark, JimBlenheim, ON1263.5 lbs.
7.Warner, JeffEnglehart, ON1222.5 lbs.
8.Wray, Ron & DorisSimcoe, ON1210.5 lbs.
9.Lyons, ChrisScarborough, ON1053.5 lbs.
10.Jarvis, Joel & RaynaSt Thomas, ON859 lbs.
11.Willemse, HarryWarwick Twsp, ON559 lbs.
12.Hicks, ColtonGranton, ON314 lbs.
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1.Kline, ToddShawville, QC1472 lbs.
2.Clark, JimBlenheim, ON1191.5 lbs.
3.Butler-Johnston, John & ArtSt Thomas, ON1172.5 lbs.
4.Jarvis, Joel & RaynaSt Thomas, ON764 lbs.
5.McCallum, DavidHanover, ON567.5 lbs.
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1.Kline, ToddShawville, QC175 lbs.
2.Thompson, TravisFlorence, ON173 lbs.
3.Thrower, LauraAlvinston, ON164.5 lbs.
4.Willemse, LorraineWarwick Twsp, ON145.5 lbs.
5.Willemse, HarryWarwick Twsp, ON130.5 lbs.
6.Welsh, Cheryl (Sherri)Shawville, QC95.82 lbs.
7.Court, DougPort Elgin, ON61.39 lbs.
8.Ashton, CourtneyPaisley, ON50.87 lbs.
9.Ashton, MadisonPort Elgin, ON49.55 lbs.
10.Court, LouisePort Elgin, ON47.25 lbs.
Field Pumpkin
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1.Lyons, ChrisScarborough, ON108.5 lbs.
2.Butler-Johnston, John & ArtSt Thomas, ON100.18 lbs.
3.Ashton, CourtneyPaisley, ON99 lbs.
4.Court, DougPort Elgin, ON98.5 lbs.
5.Kline, ToddShawville, QC89.29 lbs.
6.Matesa, JohnBreslau, ON85 lbs.
7.Court, LouisePort Elgin, ON67.5 lbs.
8.Butler, RobSt Thomas, ON65.12 lbs.
9.Ashton, MadisonPort Elgin, ON63 lbs.
Long Gourd
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1.Kline, ToddShawville, QC139.5 in.
2.Jarvis, Joel & RaynaSt Thomas, ON114 in.
3.Butler-Johnston, John & ArtSt Thomas, ON114 in.
4.Butler, RobSt Thomas, ON98.75 in.
5.Willemse, HarryWarwick Twsp, ON89.75 in.
6.Willemse, LorraineWarwick Twsp, ON82.5 in.
7.Warner, JeffEnglehart, ON81 in.
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1.Jarvis, Joel & RaynaSt Thomas, ON14.725 lbs.
2.Butler-Johnston, John & ArtSt Thomas, ON14.36 lbs.
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1.Court, DougPort Elgin, ON4.65 lbs.
2.Ashton, CourtneyPaisley, ON4.56 lbs.
3.Butler-Johnston, John & ArtSt Thomas, ON4.51 lbs.
4.Lyons, ChrisScarborough, ON4.05 lbs.
5.Ashton, MadisonPort Elgin, ON3.91 lbs.
6.Butler, RobSt Thomas, ON3.71 lbs.
7.Court, LouisePort Elgin, ON3.7 lbs.
8.Kline, ToddShawville, QC3.465 lbs.
9.Warner, JeffEnglehart, ON2.21 lbs.
10.Hicks, ColtonGranton, ON2.04 lbs.
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1.Butler-Johnston, John & ArtSt Thomas, ON283.5 in.
2.Butler, RobSt Thomas, ON248.5 in.
3.Bryson, Jim & KelseyOrmstown, QC143.5 in.
4.Jacobi, AndySouthampton, ON142 in.
5.Mitchell, HeidiDurham, ON123 in.
Biggest Sunflower Face
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1.Bryson, Jim & KelseyOrmstown, QC22 in.
Bushel Gourd
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1.Court, DougPort Elgin, ON223 lbs.
2.Thompson, TravisFlorence, ON212 lbs.
3.Thrower, LauraAlvinston, ON206 lbs.
4.Butler-Johnston, John & ArtSt Thomas, ON202.5 lbs.
5.Court, LouisePort Elgin, ON200 lbs.
6.Ashton, CourtneyPaisley, ON195.5 lbs.
7.Ashton, MadisonPort Elgin, ON169 lbs.
Special: Cucumber
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1.Hartung, DennisPalmerston, ON18.51 lbs.
2.Jarvis, Joel & RaynaSt Thomas, ON16.6 lbs.
3.Warner, JeffEnglehart, ON14.88 lbs.
4.Mackenzie, BobTiverton, ON9.265 lbs.
5.Butler-Johnston, John & ArtSt Thomas, ON9.145 lbs.
6.Butler, RobSt Thomas, ON7.86 lbs.
7.Charron, NicolePort Elgin, ON2.41 lbs.
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Zucca GourdAshton, MadisonPort Elgin, ON21.74 lbs.
Large Speckled SwanThrower, LauraAlvinston, ON19.25 lbs.
RutabagaThird PlaceJarvis, Joel & RaynaSt Thomas, ON17.265 lbs.
ParsnipSecond PlaceLyons, ChrisScarborough, ON7.34 lbs.
CarrotFirst PlaceWarner, JeffEnglehart, ON6.45 lbs.
CarrotHicks, ColtonGranton, ON1.66 lbs.
Bell PepperButler-Johnston, John & ArtSt Thomas, ON1.23 lbs.