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Weighoff Results

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Saturday Weighoff results for 2016

CategoryNameCity, Prov/StateResult
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Kline, ToddShawville, Quebec1877.00 lbs.
Jarvis, JoelSt Thomas, Ontario1626.00 lbs.
Lyons, ChrisScarborough, Ontario1567.50 lbs.
Tessier, DavidN-D Mount Carmel, Quebec1536.50 lbs.
Dettweiler, PaulMaryhill, Ontario1351.50 lbs.
Warner, JeffEnglehart, Ontario1342.00 lbs.
Wray, Ron & ErinSimcoe, Ontario1301.00 lbs.
Hain, FredLondon, Ontario1152.50 lbs.
Butler, JohnSt Thomas, Ontario1127.00 lbs.
Walker, Elizabeth and RebeccaCamlachie, Ontario1010.50 lbs.
Hartwick, MilfordFisherville, Ontario996.50 lbs.
Fisher, DougGoderich, Ontario991.50 lbs.
Boutet, LionelThornbury, Ontario981.00 lbs.
Philipott, KenWyoming, Ontario976.00 lbs.
Bromse, ChristinaThornbury, Ontario910.00 lbs.
McCallum, DaveHanover, Ontario740.50 lbs.
Aasman, MikeGuelph, Ontario730.00 lbs.
Veitch, Nathan and JenniferPort Carling, Ontario724.50 lbs.
De Jager, TonyFenelon Falls, Ontario658.50 lbs.
Hicks, RyanGranton, Ontario604.50 lbs.
Twelves, JohnHanover, OntarioDISPLAY ONLY
Twelves, LexiKitchener, Ontario206.00 lbs.
Veitch, Nathan and JenniferPort Carling, OntarioDISPLAY ONLY
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Kline, ToddShawville, Quebec1117.50 lbs.
Butler, JohnSt Thomas, Ontario883.50 lbs.
Boutet, LionelThornbury, Ontario762.00 lbs.
Court, DouglasPort Elgin, Ontario686.50 lbs.
Jarvis, JoelSt Thomas, Ontario675.00 lbs.
Bromse-Politeski, Ingrid & WilliamThornbury, Ontario563.50 lbs.
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Mitchell, MarvinFenton, Michigan199.50 lbs.
Kline, ToddShawville, Quebec96.52 lbs.
Court, DouglasPort Elgin, Ontario86.42 lbs.
Court, LouisePort Elgin, Ontario74.75 lbs.
Jarvis, JoelSt Thomas, Ontario40.42 lbs.
Field Pumpkin
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Veitch, Nathan and JenniferPort Carling, Ontario102.00 lbs.
Court, DouglasPort Elgin, Ontario75.83 lbs.
Kline, ToddShawville, Quebec73.64 lbs.
Butler, JohnSt Thomas, Ontario70.23 lbs.
Court, LouisePort Elgin, Ontario68.90 lbs.
McCallum, DaveHanover, Ontario65.40 lbs.
Twelves, LexiKitchener, Ontario64.00 lbs.
Twelves, JohnHanover, Ontario62.69 lbs.
Long Gourd
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Kline, ToddShawville, Quebec140.50 in.
Lyons, ChrisScarborough, Ontario119.50 in.
Court, DouglasPort Elgin, Ontario117.50 in.
Mitchell, MarvinFenton, Michigan112.25 in.
Jarvis, JoelSt Thomas, Ontario111.50 in.
Veitch, Nathan and JenniferPort Carling, Ontario110.50 in.
Butler, JohnSt Thomas, Ontario106.50 in.
Court, LouisePort Elgin, Ontario95.50 in.
Hain, FredLondon, Ontario94.00 in.
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McCallum, DaveHanover, Ontario50.50 lbs.
Jarvis, JoelSt Thomas, Ontario48.27 lbs.
Warner, JeffEnglehart, Ontario40.02 lbs.
Court, DouglasPort Elgin, Ontario23.58 lbs.
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Court, DouglasPort Elgin, Ontario4.38 lbs.
Kline, ToddShawville, Quebec4.37 lbs.
Veitch, Nathan and JenniferPort Carling, Ontario4.15 lbs.
Court, LouisePort Elgin, Ontario4.12 lbs.
Lyons, ChrisScarborough, Ontario3.66 lbs.
Hain, FredLondon, Ontario2.91 lbs.
Butler, JohnSt Thomas, Ontario2.83 lbs.
Veitch, Nathan and JenniferPort Carling, OntarioDISPLAY ONLY
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DeRycke, StevenMendon, NY277.00 in.
Butler, JohnSt Thomas, Ontario273.00 in.
Mitchell, MarvinFenton, Michigan247.00 in.
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Butler, JohnSt Thomas, Ontario285.00 in.
Mitchell, MarvinFenton, Michigan234.50 in.
Warner, JeffEnglehart, Ontario194.50 in.
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Mutant SquashTwelves, LexiKitchener, Ontario59.80 lbs.
KohlrabiSecond PlaceWarner, JeffEnglehart, Ontario17.17 lbs.
CucumberFirst PlaceVeitch, Nathan and JenniferPort Carling, Ontario12.23 lbs.
TurnipThird PlaceMcCallum, DaveHanover, Ontario8.50 lbs.