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Weighoff Results

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Saturday Weighoff results for 2019

CategoryNameCity, Prov/StateResult
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1.Hunt, Jane & PhilCameron, Ontario1771.5 lbs.
2.Warner, JeffEnglehart, Ontario1687.0 lbs.
3.Lyons, ChrisScarborough, Ontario1663.5 lbs.
4.Kline, ToddShawville, Quebec1659.5 lbs.
5.Hain, FredLondon, Ontario1523.0 lbs.
6.Butler, JohnSt Thomas, Ontario1483.0 lbs.
7.McQuay, DaveDelhi, Ontario1404.0 lbs.
8.Jarvis, JoelSt Thomas, Ontario1299.5 lbs.
9.Rodger, ColtonAuburn, Ontario1255.0 lbs.
10.Butler, RobSt Thomas, Ontario1251.5 lbs.
11.Jarvis, KristineSt Thomas, Ontario1217.0 lbs.
12.Clark, JimBlenheim, Ontario1083.0 lbs.
13.Van Sommeren, ErikVienna, Ontario885.0 lbs.
14.Green, BrianCayuga, Ontario787.0 lbs.
15.Coltman, AnnMinden, Ontario616.5 lbs.
16.Layton, KarenClinton, Ontario487.0 lbs.
17.Mackenzie, Bob & ElaineTiverton, Ontario419.5 lbs.
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1.Kline, ToddShawville, Quebec1154.5 lbs.
2.Jarvis, JoelSt Thomas, Ontario1056.0 lbs.
3.Court, DouglasPort Elgin, Ontario795.5 lbs.
4.Ashton, CourtneyPaisley, Ontario672.5 lbs.
5.Jarvis, KristineSt Thomas, Ontario610.0 lbs.
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1.Butler, JohnSt Thomas, Ontario124.5 lbs.
2.Warner, JeffEnglehart, Ontario45.94 lbs.
3.Ashton, CourtneyPaisley, Ontario34.72 lbs.
4.Court, DouglasPort Elgin, Ontario23.3 lbs.
5.Court, LouisePort Elgin, Ontario9.40 lbs.
Field Pumpkin
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1.Court, DouglasPort Elgin, Ontario122.5 lbs.
2.Court, LouisePort Elgin, Ontario111.0 lbs.
3.Mackenzie, Bob & ElaineTiverton, Ontario104.5 lbs.
4.Kline, ToddShawville, Quebec104.5 lbs.
5.Ashton, CourtneyPaisley, Ontario99.0 lbs.
6.Warner, JeffEnglehart, Ontario94.0 lbs.
7.Hartung, DennisPalmerston, Ontario76.74 lbs.
8.Hunt, Jane & PhilCameron, Ontario66.02 lbs.
Long Gourd
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1.Butler, JohnSt Thomas, Ontario127.75 in.
2.Kline, ToddShawville, Quebec125.5 in.
3.Murphy, TimSt Thomas, Ontario121.5 in.
4.Butler, RobSt Thomas, Ontario118.0 in.
5.Johnston, ArtSt Thomas, Ontario103.5 in.
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1.Hicks, RyanGranton, Ontario46.0 lbs.
2.Jarvis, JoelSt Thomas, Ontario40.52 lbs.
3.Hartung, DennisPalmerston, Ontario35.0 lbs.
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1.Hain, FredLondon, Ontario5.26 lbs.
2.Kline, ToddShawville, Quebec5.18 lbs.
3.Butler, RobSt Thomas, Ontario4.36 lbs.
4.Butler, JohnSt Thomas, Ontario4.20 lbs.
5.Hicks, RyanGranton, Ontario3.64 lbs.
6.Johnston, ArtSt Thomas, Ontario3.38 lbs.
7.Demars, MikeWallaceburg, Ontario2.98 lbs.
8.Ashton, CourtneyPaisley, Ontario2.32 lbs.
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1.Butler, JohnSt Thomas, Ontario320.5 in.
2.Butler, RobSt Thomas, Ontario260.0 in.
3.Johnston, ArtSt Thomas, Ontario254.5 in.
4.Hicks, RyanGranton, Ontario254.0 in.
5.Lein, Doug & KathySauble Beach, Ontario153.0 in.
6.Layton, EllisClinton, Ontario148.0 in.
7.Jacobi, AndySouthampton, Ontario124.0 in.
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1.Johnston, ArtSt Thomas, Ontario239.5 in.
2.Butler, JohnSt Thomas, Ontario176.0 in.
3.Ashton, CourtneyPaisley, Ontario171.0 in.
4.Court, DouglasPort Elgin, Ontario165.5 in.
Sunflower Face
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1.Layton, KarenClinton, Ontario20.0 in.
2.Layton, DenimClinton, Ontario19.5 in.
3.Dalgliesh, BarbClinton, Ontario19.0 in.
4.Lein, Doug & KathySauble Beach, Ontario14.5 in.
Bushel Gourd
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1.Warner, JeffEnglehart, Ontario234.5 lbs.
2.Court, DouglasPort Elgin, Ontario221.5 lbs.
3.Johnston, ArtSt Thomas, Ontario207.0 lbs.
4.Kline, ToddShawville, Quebec181.0 lbs.
5.Butler, JohnSt Thomas, Ontario170.0 lbs.
6.Ashton, CourtneyPaisley, Ontario144.0 lbs.
7.Murphy, TimSt Thomas, Ontario143.0 lbs.
8.Court, LouisePort Elgin, Ontario139.5 lbs.
9.Hunt, Jane & PhilCameron, Ontario113.0 lbs.
Special: Marrow
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1.Lyons, ChrisScarborough, Ontario97.0 lbs.
2.Warner, JeffEnglehart, Ontario79.0 lbs.
3.Court, LouisePort Elgin, Ontario56.82 lbs.
4.Ashton, CourtneyPaisley, Ontario7.5 lbs.
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Beet RootHicks, RyanGranton, Ontario21.52 lbs.
CucumberHartung, DennisPalmerston, Ontario16.84 lbs.
Carrot RootHicks, RyanGranton, Ontario6.28 lbs.
Green OnionWarner, JeffEnglehart, Ontario1.38 lbs.
PepperHain, FredLondon, Ontario1.22 lbs.