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Good Day all Beach Market vendors and friends! 

We know we are very late with this information, but hope our 46th Annual Beach Market can be a success!  Everyone we talk to wants the market back!  

We have ALL the information and to go-ahead with the Port Elgin Beach Market 2021

  • For those familiar with our site - GOOD NEWS - we can return to that same footprint, on the beach - so we have lots of room for social distancing
  • All vendor vehicles will be inside the gates with your booth - this will help with barricading the area, distancing, unpacking and will also leave the public parking lot open for your customers!  Bring your lunch!  
  • We have no power supply and tables are NOT supplied.  Call about generators, so placement can be appropriate.
  • Our space is big enough to allow 95 people in at a time. We will have monitors and sanitizing stations, and standard Covid rules regarding one customer (per 10 foot space) at your booth at a time, and everyone MUST be masked
  • THE CHALLENGE - Now matter what, we cannot open legally unless we have at least 50%+1 food and/or packaged food products booths.  We usually sit at about 35%, so we need all retail and crafters to share this information with vendors that meet this criteria - we've placed a list below of possibilities.  To let retailers and crafters in, we need them!
  • The form attached is registration for a booth, or double booth - and designates if you are food, retail or crafter - remember we can only add retail as we confirm food vendors, so get your form in and share the information
  • Booth placement will be for the full season of 10 weeks, starting June 30th.  Traffic flow arrows demand all public attendees will pass your booth.  We are not accepting  transients at this time.
  • Public hours are 9am to 3pm. Vendors allowed on site at 7am
  • Payment is not needed at this time, we just want to know you are coming, and will email you about placement and talk once you are here!

Fill out the form HERE

If the form gives you trouble email us and we can make arrangements to fill it out over the phone.

Please share this info with other vendors - especially food...

On top of our existing food vendors that we hope can return, examples of food booths we would love to add include and do not have at this time:  

  • jams, jellies, salsa
  • honey
  • cheese
  • bread/bakery products
  • packaged food spices, or supplements
  • food truck / coffee (that has Grey/Bruce health unit sanction already)

There are many more that meet the criteria.  

We are crossing our fingers that you can attend again, but do understand if you've made other arrangements.

Your Port Elgin Beach Market Team